Wednesday, January 12, 2005

My Biography from my Homepage Site

It's funny, but I never know what to write when asked to put a few words together about myself. However here goes.
I have a career in television, as a video editor, and also am the I.T. Manager for my work. This means I work with quite a lot of computer technology, which is great as I'm a bit of a hacker by nature.
In my spare time I am heavily involved in two main areas. These are Church Choir (I sing bass) and Role playing games (particularly Amber diceless role-playing game). I sing at St Barnabas Church, Pitshanger Lane, Ealing, and I used to be a member of the Royal School of Church Music, Southern Cathedral Singers, which is a group that goes around the country on occasional Saturdays through the year, singing an evensong service at a cathedral.
I role-play with several Amber groups around the south of England, and used to run my own campaign. Also I play in Craig Johnson's "Equinox" campaign, which is a vast e-mail game, and am playing in a couple more email Amber games. Outside of Amber, I play in two different Ars Magica face-to-face campaigns, one of which is particularly gritty in its represerntation of life around 1200 in Northern England.
I am married to Trish Hart, who is also a role-player, and also runs her own campaign. We have been hitched since 9th July 1989, and have known each other since university quite some time before. We both went to Birmingham University, where I graduated (hons) in Physics in 1984, and she graduated (hons) in English and American Studies in 1985.
I originate from a small town in Yorkshire called Morley, and still speak with a fairly noticeable Yorkshire accent, despite 3 years in Birmingham and 15 since in London. I went to Cross Hall School at infants and junior level, and Batley Boys Grammar School from being 11 to 18. In addition to being keen on sciences I also studied music up to A level, and play the piano, organ, flute and saxophone to varying degrees. During my younger days I grew greatly disillusioned with "serious music" and became a firm jazz fanatic, but more recently my tastes spread to anything that is actually interesting melodically or harmonically, from classics through to jazz, rock, blues, Tudor church music, whatever. However, many forms of modern dance and rap music leave me totally cold - they seem to require no basic skill to perform, and have no actual musical content (stand by for the flames!), though this is only my opinion.


Blogger breadchick said...

Nicely done Tim. Funny how I liked from the GSWoT home to your webpage to your blog. But now, I guess you can do the same to me. Welcome to the world of blogging.

4 February 2005 at 2:21 am  
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