Tuesday, January 11, 2005

What's in a name?

I guess I could talk about the name Timotyy - its all the fault of a computer - what would you expect.

I'm called Timothy, and way back when (early 1970s) I was taking a music exam (grade 3 flute, I think) and the data entry clerk had read my name wrong and typed Timotyy instead. When the letter came back telling us what time the exam was to be, we noticed the error and wrote back to tell them about it.

When the exam came around, the error was still there, so we told the examiner, and he made notes all over the assessment sheet that he fills in to tell them about it.

When the results came through by post the error was still there, so we wrote and told them about it, saying 'Please get this fixed before you print the certificate'.

And the certificate finally arrived proudly stating that Timotyy Hart had passed his flute exam. So for all of you that think modern computers make it so much easier to cock things up, all i can say is 'nothing is new under the sun', and you were no more likely to get things fixed in the ancient past than you are now.


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